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Just like you I have also spent countless hours looking for decent free shed plans on the internet only to find it’s an extremely tedious and time consuming task. Not anymore…

You’re not alone looking for free shed plans to download online. What you’ll find is almost all websites want your $$! And not quite cheap I might add. One site wanted almost $200 for a set of plans and I couldn’t even see what I was going to get before putting my credit card details in. No way! There are so many scams out there, I wasn’t going to take a risk.

Free Shed Plans/ and Woodworking Course


Get this:
FREE Shed Plans & WoodWorking Course!
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Boy, how right I was! After spending almost entire week searching the net high and low, visiting and engaging in various DIY discussion forums and blogs, I finally came across the site that has them!

I couldn’t believe how lucky I was finally found my free shed plans one can simply download. I was blown away when I found out that it comes with a free Woodworking course as well and I’m now going to share this source with you.

You guessed it – it cost absolutely NOTHING! Completely free shed plans!

Yes you get these plans for free, there is no catch. But make sure you follow my instructions below:

Get Free Storage Plan With Photos


  1. After clicking on the download link above you’ll be transferred to the page I’m talking about. Wait there a few seconds for a pop-up window that comes up, looking something like this:
    free shed plans window
  2. Fill in your name email address, check your email and you’re done! It’s that easy.


If for whatever reason you don’t get the pop-up window shown up on your screen, don’t worry, here is my second method how to get your copy of free shed plans:


  1. Click on the “X” on the top right as if you were trying to close that browser page (you may use Ctrl+W). Page will then display a warning “Wait” asking you if you really wish to leave the page.
  2. Click OK.
  3. On the next window “Are you sure you want to leave the page?” click Stay on page.
  4. Once you’ve done these steps, you get a chance to enter your name and email again.
  5. Check your email


Enjoy & leave us a comment if you liked my free shed plans download !

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